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W77E516单片机概述  The W77E516 is a fast 8051 compatible microcontroller with a redesigned processor core without wasted clock and memory cycles. As a result, it executes every 8051 instruction faster than the original 8051 for the same crystal speed. Typically, the instruction executing time of W77E516 is 1.5 to 3 times faster then that of traditional 8051, depending on the type of instruction. In general, the overall performance is about 2.5 times better than the original for the same crystal speed. Giving the same throughput with lower clock speed, power consumption has been improved. Consequently, the W77E516 is a fully static CMOS design; it can also be operated at a lower crystal clock. The W77E516 contains In-System Programmable (ISP) 64 KB Flash EPROM; 4KB auxiliary Flash EPROM for loader program; operating voltage from 4.5V to 5.5V; on-chip 1 KB MOVX SRAM; three power saving modes.   W77E516单片机 FEATURES   8-bit CMOS microcontroller   High speed architecture of 4 clocks/machine cycle runs up to 40 MHz   Pin compatible with standard 80C52   Instruction-set compatible with MCS-51   64KB on-chip Flash-EPROM   Four 8-bit I/O Ports; Port 0 has internal pull-up resisters enabled by software   One extra 4-bit I/O port and Wait State control signal (available on 44-pin PLCC/QFP package)   Three 16-bit Timers   12 interrupt sources with two levels of priority   On-chip oscillator and clock circuitry   Two enhanced full duplex serial ports   64KB In-system Programmable Flash EPROM (APROM)   4KB Auxiliary Flash EPROM for loader program (LDROM)   256 bytes scratch-pad RAM   1KB on-chip SRAM for MOVX instruction   Programmable Watchdog Timer   Dual 16-bit Data Pointers   Software programmable access cycle to external RAM/peripherals   Packages:   Lead Free(RoHs) DIP 40: W77E516A40DL   Lead Free(RoHs) PLCC 44: W77E516A40PL   Lead Free(RoHs) QFP 44: W77E516A40FL